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we are happy because we are insane

September 2008

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cattys in iheartdiet

Catty - Diet update

Here's an update about how my diet currently goes.

To sum it up: It is good. *knocks on wood*
I am currently doing weight watchers, but sometimes there's a day or two I just can't count points. But I start then counting as if nothing happend, that keeps me motivated to count at all. Otherwise I would stop in the middle, and I cust can't put it on hold another time. Now I want to stick to it until I reached my final weight goal.

Up to now I 'officially' lost 11 Kilos (24 pounds). Monday is my next 'official' weighing day, and during the week I got a kilo or more less :-)
What helps me a lot is that I do sports five times a week or more. I know that sounds much and it probably is, but
a) I got a goal: running a marathon. I want to do that next year, dunno if spring or autumn, but def. next year. I just have to keep up the training.
b) I just to slow jogs. I bought myself a pulse monitor watch, so I can keep track how my heart's racing during the run. I run very slowly, four times 40 minutes, one time 50 and one time 70 minutes. Next month the training will be harder, I work according to a plan I read in several books. Strangely enough, I enjoy it. At the beginning (in May) I just ran to lose weight, and I had to persuade myself to do it. Now I'd miss running if I don't do it (two 'free' days a week to recover my body), and even if I went running in the morning, I could use a little run in the afternoon after work, too. I ran in the fields around my town, hardly any cars there, I sometimes see deer or rabbits hopping by, and I feel free and at piece.

I am also sticking tot he "eight fit formula" from weight watchers, meaning calcium, five times fruit/veggies a day. Otherwise I am very unhealthy, I mostly skip breakfast / dinner, so I can eat chocolate instead. I really must try to keep my chocolat constumption under a third of my total points... :-/

A friend of mine took pictures with her camera, which show a better comparison, but right now I just got this picture.

If it all goes according to plan (which it never does), I'd reach my goalweight by December and could go into the weightkeeping status. But y'know...christmas? And I dunno if I can keep constantly losing a pound a week. Maybe it will be Spring next year, but the goal is: My 24th birthday is the day I want to lost all the weight I wanted and to start keeping it :)

(Geez, Snuffkin is able to update with half the words I did...I'm such a chatterbox :-/)


that's cause you actually have something to talk about *lol* other than OMG IT ALL SUCKS T_T

btw how did you start running? do you have a plan or something. Cause I tried and it's so frustrating. I can "run" (meaning I fall into a kind of trot) for 3-5 minutes and then I'm kinda dead and I know it eventually will get better but I just can't bring myself to go through the horror of having a breakdown every 3 minutes :(

Wow der bildvergleich ist echt amazing :o
I started with a plan rom "Fit for fun". (www.fitforfun.de) I can't find it there anymore, it has a new layout, but I guess it is there somewhere. At first I was running two or three minutes, and then walking two minutes. After a week, I ran one minute more, and walked two minutes. I increased the running part every week, so after a while I was able to run ten minutes without a break.

If you want such a plan, I could give you one from Herbert Steffny. He is like the god-father of running trainers, and I bought his book. It has different kind of plans in there, and I think I've seen a "starting running for total beginners" somewhere.
It is important not to start to fast, otherwise it isn't fun anymore. And with every sport you do, you gotta start somewhere.

Thanks :)
I am really sooo proud of you! :)
I think, when my bachelor thesis is over and the regular university starts again, I will try it, too. Snuffi did well and you did well, too, perhaps I will manage, too :) But well, we'll see ;-)

Nevertheless, wow for you, the pictures are great!!