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we are happy because we are insane

September 2008

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cattys in iheartdiet


Hey girls,
how are you ding with your diet?

I can't believe I am still losing weith, I really don't keep the WW system but am eating loads of unhealthy stuff. Well, maybe I am eating less unhealthy stuff than before.

I can't do WW right no, because the software just works on Windows. Today I ordered Parallels, a software where you can use Windows on a Mac without restarting. So I can use the software (and a couple of other softwares, too on my Mac. Because I just know some points by heart, but I would have to look up the other stuff and can't right now.
I also need to think about bringing my own lunch to work, because going to the cantine a lot really doesn't help :-/ But I might be too lazy to cook something every day. Any ideas?

I am currently uploading some parts of the WW workout I told you about, I am going to post this in a seperate post once I am done. I am just uploading one workout a week or something, because it takes ages and you know this stupid limit I got.
Speaking of workout: I tried the Cabaret workout the other day. You can clearly see the difference between the WW one. The latter one is rather intructional, while the other one is more colerful and fun. Though I think I did the workout on the ww one better, because is it just me or do you really got to be able dance on the Cabaret workout? Anyway, both are fun to do, and I am sure I will do both sometime soon.
O also do step aerobics at the gym, which is the most fun. I could do something like this every day. I also tried yoga, which was cool bot strange somehow.

How are you girls doing? Did you lose a lot of weight already? How was your workout this/last week?


hough I think I did the workout on the ww one better, because is it just me or do you really got to be able dance on the Cabaret workout?

I don't think so :O I don't really know how to dance, but I love this one :) In the beginning it's hard to remember the stuff, but I love the energy in it *g*

I lost 2 kg in the last 2 weeks. I'm pretty proud about that and I hope I can continue losing or at least holding my weight.

Oh and I'll try to upload another belly dancing workout vid. I'm not sure whether it is any good since I wasn't able to do anything this week but I'll give it a try.

I can remember all the stuff, but I think I look stupid while doing it :X

Yay for your weight loos :) (Despite the Kaulitz sauce ;) )

It sucks you have to wait until your parents aren't at home, but I admit I wouldn't do any of the stuff, too, when I think my parents could see me.