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we are happy because we are insane

September 2008

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snuffkin in iheartdiet

Snuffkin - Motivation?

So I did the Cardio Cabaret Workout yesterday and it was so much fun <3 I wish I could do stuff like that every day but I always have to wait until my parents are gone so that I can jump around in the living room without embarrasing myself.
How are you doing?

I had a very demotivating experience yesterday. I went to my aunt to congratulate her to her birthday and we were sitting around with my grandmother. And then my aunt asked me how much weight I gained during my exchange semester. I told her that it had been 6 kg and my grandmother was like
"OH and she bought herself so many tight trousers before she went and now she doesn't have anything to wear" and then there was silence and she looked at me and decided to try to cheer me up by saying "But I'm sure you will lose that weight again" only she didn't sound too convincing

And I was like *headdesk* Thank you very much. First of all, I still have fitting trousers K and second of all, just because I don't tell you about my diet doesn't mean that I'm not doing anything öaklsdjf


aww Thank you :) *rehug*
This week was absolutely horrible. I started working on wednesday, and somebody brought Biltong from Namibia fo me, so I loads of that stuff. Thursday somebody brought bretzel and mohrenköpfe, and therefore I ate loads of stuff, too. :( I didn't do any workout this week, cause I was too busy. Don't think I'll go today, I just can't motivate me. But maybe I will do the WW workout, but for this I would have to clean out my room, a workout for itself ;)
I hope next week we'll do it better :) *BIG HUGS*
hast Du denn so wenig Platz in deinem Zimmer?
das is ja doof,daß Du dann immer warten mußt,bis Dich keiner sieht. :/

Ach,hör nich auf das plöde Geschwätz.hauptsache Du weißt Du nimmst ab.Und Du fühlst Dich gut!!!