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we are happy because we are insane

September 2008

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cattys in iheartdiet


I love the idea of a general motivation post, so I'll steal this idea from snuffkin :)


I aleady lost 20 KG in 2006. and I know that I felt great. I felt healthier (probably was), more attractive, my clothes fittet me better. Also, people treat you differently, which is actually sad but true. But I gained 10 KG back, mostly at my belly, and it looks horrible. I feel like a big fat wobble. I want to fit in my clothes and feel healthier again.


I already did WW, and I know it works. I got the program (sadly it doesn't work on my Mac, I got to partly install Windows that it works), I got the recepies, the workouts etc. I am a big fan of the system because you can easily adapt it into your life, not like all those other diets.

I am also at the gym. I dunno anymore why I joined there, but sometimes it is a motivation for me to got here cause I paid so much money. I do a weekly cardio workout, weight training and aerobic. I also own some aerobic Dvds, like the weight watchers one, the one with Cindy Crawford and others. I also bought myself this machine where you can go walking inside (which is not at my parents, because I don't got enough space).

I already posted my ticker, but I'll do it again because it is so pretty ;)

Oh, and this is my ticker:

Those 20 KG are my end goal. I want to reach 10 KG by May, the 20 KG mark by August, and the most important thing: Keep my weight until the end of December.

In case you need anything WW related or are interested in those aerobic vids, do not hesiate to ask :)


I'd love the WW workout videos :O I think I'll upload my dancing video thingie tomorrow :)

I'd like to have one of those exercise bikes but they are too expensive for me atm

Uih,I'd love to have the WW Workout video! That would be great.
I got Windsor Pilates,it's good.But sometimes all these happy workout people are so annoying...

Btw,20 kg are amazing!!! I'll cross my fingers for you for the 10kg! :)