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September 2008

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snuffkin in iheartdiet

Starting anew

As of today I'm trying out a new "diet". It's called Schlank im Schlaf (which is ... a bit misleading imho, but hey, they want to sell their book too) anway. It's a mixture between Glyx and food combining and it has a lot to do with how you eat what and when to keep your insulin level low. My aunt is doing it for a year now and she's lost about 30 pouns. My mum started last week and she lost about 2 pounds. So I'm trying it cause I really am stuck with Weight Watchers. I'M not gaining but I'm not loosing either and right now my head is so full with other stuff that I forget to count points and stuff. So I'M doing this new thing now (which is not alll that too different anyhow)

In the morning you have to eat
75 g of carbohydrates which is about 3 buns, 3 leafs of bread or 12 spoons of muesli or 6 potatoes.

For lunch you have to eat the same amount of carbohydrates and also protein.

In the evening you're only allowed protein which is okay since you can eat a lof of it.

The good thing: You can eat a lot of the things you like
The bad thing: You're not allowed to eat ANYTHING within the five hour breaks between the meals. Which will be very hard for me since I'm almost always munching on anything.

But I think a change will do my diet and myself a lot of good an I think I will survive the 5 hours with drinking a lot and when I'm back at Uni it won't be that much of a problem :)

So maybe you want to join me? Schlank im Schlaf at Amazon

to see my progress go to iheartdiet

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I wish you good luck with it, it sounds sensible.
But I won't join you with it, since I am doing ok with Weight watchers. And you know: never change a running system! I am unsure with eating habits outside WW, maybe I am already possessed, cause I am always counting points in my head, even if I do think I will not for a particular occasion ;)
Don't forget to post your results :)