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we are happy because we are insane

September 2008

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CATTY - Diet update

Usually people go like "Omg, I dunno what I do wrong, I don't lose weight". With me it is slightly different, it is rather like "Omg, what am I doing RIGHT, because I am in fact losing weight." It scares me to lose weight with wrong eating habits, because it is clearly unhealthy.

I haven't done Weight watchers properly, because I couldn't use the software. What I did instead was:
* I ate Weetabix for breakfast. Not only are they delicious, and I can combine them with many fruits and other stuff, they also make points calculating pretty easy. One of those Weetabix stuff has one points, and together with mik and honey I always got a breakfast with 4 points without further thinking ;)
* I do more sports than before. Every tuesday I do yoga, every thursday aerobics and every sunday I do cardio. Ever thursday and sunday I also do the "belly x-press" workout, because I really do need to work on my belly. Actually, when doing this courses at the gym, I don't feel like doing sports at all, because it is so much fun. :)
* I hardly eat something in the evening. Actually this hasn't to do that much with making a diet, but rather because I am cooking my own food now, and I am to tired in the evening to cook something. I just put fish in the microwave, or do some weight watchers soups, but mostly I just eat an egg or youghurt. Oh, and I try not to eat any carbohydrates in the evenings.

Otherwise I eat pretty unhealthy and loads of sweets, which I actually wanted to cut down :-/ But I now got the software to run Windows at my Mac, and now I can run the weight watchers software again, so I am gonna start with that today :)