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we are happy because we are insane

September 2008

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snuffkin in iheartdiet

Snuffkin - rant

Whaa I so knew it. I gained back 2 kgs in the last 2 weeks and now I'm at 90 again T_T This is so fucking depressing. I try to eat right and I try to eat with my family here and I just can't even keep my weight :(

I think I'm going to have a look at the Sattmacher again and then I try to eat only this stuff. Shite I can't wait to get home. I just hope that I won't gain another 3 kg in the next 3 weeks :(

oh and my grandmother isn't very supportive either. Yesterday at dinner she was like: Oh you lost so much weight when you were sticking to your plan, and then you went to ireland and gained so much weight. WTF thank you very much. I try sticking to my plan here too, but it's just fucking difficult when everyone wants you to eat at barbecues and dinner and breakfast and everything :(

God, I hate life today :( And I'm supposed to go to a wedding. Awesome :(


i know what you are talking about. I lost 3kg and gained 3 because of inexplicable sweets cravings. I stuffed myself with everything sweet i could get my hands on for almost a week and there was nothing i could do to stop myself.
It's so freaking ridiculous... :(
and I didn't even ate a lot of sweets. We had cake one time and then we had ice cream another time and that's it. I don't know what I'm doing wrong *sigh* I even had more exercise than at home. we went swimming and we go for walks almost every evening. It just sucks
*big big hugs*

*rehugs* Thanks :)
*hugs* Gaining weight sucks. Besonders wenn das Selbstwertgefühl irgendwie an das Gewicht gekoppelt ist - ist ja nicht nur schlimm genug wenn man zunimmt, sondern weil man sich da dreifach schlecht fühlt. :-(

Auf solche Kommentare könnte ich auch verzichten. Ich weiß nicht wieso Leute sowas sagen - soll das jetzt ermutigend sein oder was?!

*noch mal drück* Wir schaffen das!
jackaa! Es nervt mich halt besonders, weil ich eigentlich drauf achte was ich ess. Ich hab eigentlich nicht viel süßes gegessen, nur einmal als wir bei Kaffee eingeladen waren. und das wars eigentlich Gah. Ich werd jetzt halt versuchen, dass ich immer viel Sattmacher ess oder so. Und immer vorm essen ein/zwei gläser waser, damit ich nicht mehr so viel ess. Blergh.

Ich verstehs auch nicht, dass muss sie mir andauernd unter die nase reiben :/

*rehug* Tun wir!