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Sep. 17th, 2008



Diet questions

Somtimes I just wonder...

...why sometimes, I have to chose between Diet and "Real Life"
I can't go running today cause I got so much to do. Even just 45 minutes would be too much, cause afterwards I need Stretching and a mineral shake, and then it will be over an hour 'wasted' and I can't afford it right now. It sucks and I feel bad for it, firstly cause I like to run and I need it, and second I need the burned calories for my diet.
PMS ist just not bearable for me without chocolate. PERIOD. (ok, that was a bad joke ;)) But seriously, that time of a month I need extra food, cause I'm feeling gibberish enough.

...if my diet is everything I think about
we have a new colleague, and she said something like "Oh, you just got food as a topic" today. And it made me think if she is right. Dieting, meaning food, exercise, and everything connected to it, takes a lot of my thought. Sometimes it is the main thing I think about, even more than I think about friends, family, love interests or hobbies. It is one of my top goals and has absolute priority in my life. They say if you think more than four hours about food in total every day, you are prandial deranged (is this the right word?) Well, four hours, that would be just the time before lunch break for me.
I wonder if there will be a big hole in my life, if I will achieve my goal weight one day. Or if I'll never achieve it anyway, and for the rest of my life, I won't be able to settle my eating habits around my life but focusing justn around my diet. What a discouraging thought.

...why I drink so less milk
ok, those other two things are rather thoughful, and this one is not. It is just practical. Pre-diet days, I used to drink a lot of milk. I ate milk with my cornflakes, I drank it with honey, I mixed it with cholocate powder, I cooked with it etc. Now I hardly use milk anymore, cause it has so much points. Just a bit with my cereals every morning. Whenever I really crave something (chocolate, fries) I just eat it without thinking about points, but I'd never do that for milk though I love it.

Sep. 14th, 2008



Starting anew

As of today I'm trying out a new "diet". It's called Schlank im Schlaf (which is ... a bit misleading imho, but hey, they want to sell their book too) anway. It's a mixture between Glyx and food combining and it has a lot to do with how you eat what and when to keep your insulin level low. My aunt is doing it for a year now and she's lost about 30 pouns. My mum started last week and she lost about 2 pounds. So I'm trying it cause I really am stuck with Weight Watchers. I'M not gaining but I'm not loosing either and right now my head is so full with other stuff that I forget to count points and stuff. So I'M doing this new thing now (which is not alll that too different anyhow)

In the morning you have to eat
75 g of carbohydrates which is about 3 buns, 3 leafs of bread or 12 spoons of muesli or 6 potatoes.

For lunch you have to eat the same amount of carbohydrates and also protein.

In the evening you're only allowed protein which is okay since you can eat a lof of it.

The good thing: You can eat a lot of the things you like
The bad thing: You're not allowed to eat ANYTHING within the five hour breaks between the meals. Which will be very hard for me since I'm almost always munching on anything.

But I think a change will do my diet and myself a lot of good an I think I will survive the 5 hours with drinking a lot and when I'm back at Uni it won't be that much of a problem :)

So maybe you want to join me? Schlank im Schlaf at Amazon

to see my progress go to iheartdiet

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Aug. 9th, 2008



Catty - Diet update

Here's an update about how my diet currently goes.

To sum it up: It is good. *knocks on wood*
I am currently doing weight watchers, but sometimes there's a day or two I just can't count points. But I start then counting as if nothing happend, that keeps me motivated to count at all. Otherwise I would stop in the middle, and I cust can't put it on hold another time. Now I want to stick to it until I reached my final weight goal.

Up to now I 'officially' lost 11 Kilos (24 pounds). Monday is my next 'official' weighing day, and during the week I got a kilo or more less :-)
What helps me a lot is that I do sports five times a week or more. I know that sounds much and it probably is, but
a) I got a goal: running a marathon. I want to do that next year, dunno if spring or autumn, but def. next year. I just have to keep up the training.
b) I just to slow jogs. I bought myself a pulse monitor watch, so I can keep track how my heart's racing during the run. I run very slowly, four times 40 minutes, one time 50 and one time 70 minutes. Next month the training will be harder, I work according to a plan I read in several books. Strangely enough, I enjoy it. At the beginning (in May) I just ran to lose weight, and I had to persuade myself to do it. Now I'd miss running if I don't do it (two 'free' days a week to recover my body), and even if I went running in the morning, I could use a little run in the afternoon after work, too. I ran in the fields around my town, hardly any cars there, I sometimes see deer or rabbits hopping by, and I feel free and at piece.

I am also sticking tot he "eight fit formula" from weight watchers, meaning calcium, five times fruit/veggies a day. Otherwise I am very unhealthy, I mostly skip breakfast / dinner, so I can eat chocolate instead. I really must try to keep my chocolat constumption under a third of my total points... :-/

A friend of mine took pictures with her camera, which show a better comparison, but right now I just got this picture.

If it all goes according to plan (which it never does), I'd reach my goalweight by December and could go into the weightkeeping status. But y'know...christmas? And I dunno if I can keep constantly losing a pound a week. Maybe it will be Spring next year, but the goal is: My 24th birthday is the day I want to lost all the weight I wanted and to start keeping it :)

(Geez, Snuffkin is able to update with half the words I did...I'm such a chatterbox :-/)

Feb. 12th, 2008



CATTY - Diet update

Usually people go like "Omg, I dunno what I do wrong, I don't lose weight". With me it is slightly different, it is rather like "Omg, what am I doing RIGHT, because I am in fact losing weight." It scares me to lose weight with wrong eating habits, because it is clearly unhealthy.

I haven't done Weight watchers properly, because I couldn't use the software. What I did instead was:
* I ate Weetabix for breakfast. Not only are they delicious, and I can combine them with many fruits and other stuff, they also make points calculating pretty easy. One of those Weetabix stuff has one points, and together with mik and honey I always got a breakfast with 4 points without further thinking ;)
* I do more sports than before. Every tuesday I do yoga, every thursday aerobics and every sunday I do cardio. Ever thursday and sunday I also do the "belly x-press" workout, because I really do need to work on my belly. Actually, when doing this courses at the gym, I don't feel like doing sports at all, because it is so much fun. :)
* I hardly eat something in the evening. Actually this hasn't to do that much with making a diet, but rather because I am cooking my own food now, and I am to tired in the evening to cook something. I just put fish in the microwave, or do some weight watchers soups, but mostly I just eat an egg or youghurt. Oh, and I try not to eat any carbohydrates in the evenings.

Otherwise I eat pretty unhealthy and loads of sweets, which I actually wanted to cut down :-/ But I now got the software to run Windows at my Mac, and now I can run the weight watchers software again, so I am gonna start with that today :)

Feb. 2nd, 2008



Snuffkin - rant

Whaa I so knew it. I gained back 2 kgs in the last 2 weeks and now I'm at 90 again T_T This is so fucking depressing. I try to eat right and I try to eat with my family here and I just can't even keep my weight :(

I think I'm going to have a look at the Sattmacher again and then I try to eat only this stuff. Shite I can't wait to get home. I just hope that I won't gain another 3 kg in the next 3 weeks :(

oh and my grandmother isn't very supportive either. Yesterday at dinner she was like: Oh you lost so much weight when you were sticking to your plan, and then you went to ireland and gained so much weight. WTF thank you very much. I try sticking to my plan here too, but it's just fucking difficult when everyone wants you to eat at barbecues and dinner and breakfast and everything :(

God, I hate life today :( And I'm supposed to go to a wedding. Awesome :(

Jan. 25th, 2008

We're with you whatever happens - HP


Snuffkin - Diet Update

The Story so far

Wow. I don't know how my diet is doing because I'm not sure about the scales here and I ate lots of stuff since flying to Perth on Tuesday (we had 3 meals during the flight and lots of other unhealthy snacks). And my aunt is cooking lots of good and yummy stuff but it also has lots of calories *sigh* But I'm sure I will slow down eventually. I drink lots of water since it always has between 30 and 40 degree and I eat lots of fruit. Also I went to swim in the sea twice this week.

What's to come
Tomorrow's Australia day and next week my cousins wedding will take place. also lots of invitations of family and family friends God so much food. i try to stay healthy and positive and I try to remember that it's only a month unlike the time I spend in Ireland .. I won't gain that much weight again

Boost of Self-Esteem

Going to the beach this week actually took a lot of bravery from me. I'm just so self conscious around other people and there's not much you can hide in a bathing-suit. But it was not that bad at all. I had some exercise and it helped me to overcome some fears regarding my own body. I still don't feel very comfortable in my skin, but I definetley shouldn't hide just because I don't look the way I want to

I will give you another update as soon as I'm brave enough to weigh myself.

Jan. 20th, 2008




Hey girls,
how are you ding with your diet?

I can't believe I am still losing weith, I really don't keep the WW system but am eating loads of unhealthy stuff. Well, maybe I am eating less unhealthy stuff than before.

I can't do WW right no, because the software just works on Windows. Today I ordered Parallels, a software where you can use Windows on a Mac without restarting. So I can use the software (and a couple of other softwares, too on my Mac. Because I just know some points by heart, but I would have to look up the other stuff and can't right now.
I also need to think about bringing my own lunch to work, because going to the cantine a lot really doesn't help :-/ But I might be too lazy to cook something every day. Any ideas?

I am currently uploading some parts of the WW workout I told you about, I am going to post this in a seperate post once I am done. I am just uploading one workout a week or something, because it takes ages and you know this stupid limit I got.
Speaking of workout: I tried the Cabaret workout the other day. You can clearly see the difference between the WW one. The latter one is rather intructional, while the other one is more colerful and fun. Though I think I did the workout on the ww one better, because is it just me or do you really got to be able dance on the Cabaret workout? Anyway, both are fun to do, and I am sure I will do both sometime soon.
O also do step aerobics at the gym, which is the most fun. I could do something like this every day. I also tried yoga, which was cool bot strange somehow.

How are you girls doing? Did you lose a lot of weight already? How was your workout this/last week?

Jan. 10th, 2008



Snuffkin - Motivation?

So I did the Cardio Cabaret Workout yesterday and it was so much fun <3 I wish I could do stuff like that every day but I always have to wait until my parents are gone so that I can jump around in the living room without embarrasing myself.
How are you doing?

I had a very demotivating experience yesterday. I went to my aunt to congratulate her to her birthday and we were sitting around with my grandmother. And then my aunt asked me how much weight I gained during my exchange semester. I told her that it had been 6 kg and my grandmother was like
"OH and she bought herself so many tight trousers before she went and now she doesn't have anything to wear" and then there was silence and she looked at me and decided to try to cheer me up by saying "But I'm sure you will lose that weight again" only she didn't sound too convincing

And I was like *headdesk* Thank you very much. First of all, I still have fitting trousers K and second of all, just because I don't tell you about my diet doesn't mean that I'm not doing anything öaklsdjf

Jan. 5th, 2008




I love the idea of a general motivation post, so I'll steal this idea from snuffkin :)


I aleady lost 20 KG in 2006. and I know that I felt great. I felt healthier (probably was), more attractive, my clothes fittet me better. Also, people treat you differently, which is actually sad but true. But I gained 10 KG back, mostly at my belly, and it looks horrible. I feel like a big fat wobble. I want to fit in my clothes and feel healthier again.


I already did WW, and I know it works. I got the program (sadly it doesn't work on my Mac, I got to partly install Windows that it works), I got the recepies, the workouts etc. I am a big fan of the system because you can easily adapt it into your life, not like all those other diets.

I am also at the gym. I dunno anymore why I joined there, but sometimes it is a motivation for me to got here cause I paid so much money. I do a weekly cardio workout, weight training and aerobic. I also own some aerobic Dvds, like the weight watchers one, the one with Cindy Crawford and others. I also bought myself this machine where you can go walking inside (which is not at my parents, because I don't got enough space).

I already posted my ticker, but I'll do it again because it is so pretty ;)

Oh, and this is my ticker:

Those 20 KG are my end goal. I want to reach 10 KG by May, the 20 KG mark by August, and the most important thing: Keep my weight until the end of December.

In case you need anything WW related or are interested in those aerobic vids, do not hesiate to ask :)


Snuffkin - Motivation Post

So today I'm starting my diet again. I'm a bit exited I must say, but also scared. It will take so long to lose all that weight. So my short - term aim is to get to 84 kg. At around this weight I'm starting to feel comfortable again and it's not too much to begin with.

I'm currently weighing 90 kg. It's been two years since I had that much weight and I'm hating it. And I hate to get comments like: But you look fine and I've just seen you and you shouldn't worry. It's not that I'm afraid what others might think (well it's not the main reason for me) but it's the way I feel about myself. I feel fat and ugly and just disgusted of myself. I can feel my fat rolls when I'm sitting and it's plain disgusting for me.

So yeah, I can't wait to start again.


I'm trying to lose weight with Weight Watchers. It worked really well for me even though it takes a lot of time and discipline. I think it will be easier for me this time, since I already more or less had changed my eating habits. But then I went to Ireland for a few months where we were invited to lots of free food evenings and lots of parties and I had absolutely no exercise.

So I'm beginning with Weight Watchers again and I will do exercise YAY

I will - in time - upload some of my workout videos. I can't wait to show you this one:


It's so much fun to do, and that one guy with the blue T-Shirt looks like Matthew Fox *lol*

So that's my motivation post for today :)